[Ready Stock] Original Tattu 3.0 14S 22000mAH Smart Batteri Molex Connector Drone Custom Meracun Padi Bateri [Aonic Poladrone]
Price RM2,800.00
Product SKU TAT-PWR1.00005
Brand Tattu
Size (L x W x H) 279 mm x 236 mm x 91 mm
Availability 10

Tattu 3.0 is a smart drone battery with a unique and exceptional design, featuring an aluminum casing for improved heat dissipation and a perfect seal for waterproofing, especially when applied to agricultural UAV, which effectively prevents the pesticides sprayed from the wings to float inside the battery and keeps the cells from being affected by the external environment. Tattu 3.0 also comes with drawer slides design’s smart external anti-spark device, portable smart checker and LED indicator. It is an advanced high-capacity, best-in-class smart battery for agricultural spraying, VTOL, transport delivery, survey, mapping and inspection drone. It is created especially for long endurance and high efficiency. Tattu 3.0’s rugged housing and high performance cells provide reliability even in extreme environments. So make the best of your drone’s capabilities.


Tattu 3.0 14S1P 25C 22000mAh Battery

Connector option: Molex

Voltage: 51.8V

Dimension: 279*236*91 mm

Weight: 8.5kg

Wh/kg: 134.07

Suit for: 16-25L