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  • Connect two CrystalSky & Cendence Intelligent Batteries and charge them in sequence
  • Used to mount a CrystalSky monitor to a  Mavic or Spark remote controller.

1. Measured in environments without transmission or signal interference, and wind speeds <4 m/s, where the drone has a flight speed of 15 m/s and reserves 20% battery as a
safety buffer for landing.
2. Measured at a temperature of 25°C. As temperature increases, battery cooling time will increase and lengthen downtime.
3. AC surge protection capacity is 40kA (8/20µs waveform), and meets EN/IEC 61643-11 TYPE 2 protection levels. RJ45 surge protection capacity is 1.5ka (8/20µs waveform).
These meet the CATEGORY C protection level of EN/IEC 61643-21. Surge protection capability depends on the capacity and reliability of grounding. To minimize the risk of surges,
please make sure that grounding is done properly during installation.
4. Each DJI Dock has a built-in backup battery that can provide power for 5 hours and ensure the drone can safely return and land in the event of an emergency power outage.
5. Depending on environmental conditions and the frequency of DJI Dock operations, it is recommended that maintenance be conducted every 6 months or less.
6. Takeoff and landing can withstand wind speeds up to 12 m/s.



1. When using the adapter board, make sure to place it in an appropriate position to avoid short circuits caused by contact between the adapter board and the aircraft arm.

2. If the adapter board is integrated into a payload product, make sure to design a heat dissipation system and a metal shielding cover.

3. If any sparks, smoke, strange smells, or other abnormalities are detected, disconnect the adapter board from the power source immediately.

4. When all three XT30 power ports are used, the total output power should be smaller than the max output power of the aircraft. Make sure to develop payloads within the output specifications.

  • Image quality, power and intelligence to meet the needs of professional filmmakers and enterprises around the globe


  • Cendence Remote Controller
  • Inspire 2 Remote Controller
  • MATRICE 100 PART32 TB47D Battery
  • DJI MATRICE 200-PART06-Dual Downward Gimbal Connector
  • MATRICE 200 PART07 Single Upward Gimbal Connector
  • Easily attach and detach M200 aircraft's landing gear
  • Specifically designed to work with Matrice 200, Matrice 210, or Matrice 210 RTK.
  • Top Shell Plug
  • Matrice 200 (Part 17)
  • Weatherproofing
  • Durable Construction
  • FPV Camera
  • Anti-collision Beacon
  • Discreet Mode
  • Mobile SDK Compatibility
  • DJI SkyPort Compatibility
  • TimeSync