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Safety Tips

For maximum safety, please strictly follow the following information, otherwise the charger and battery may be damaged or even cause fire.

1. Do not use the charger unattended. If there is any function error, please immediately stop the charging and consult the manual for the cause.

2. Please ensure that the charger is away from dust, humidity, rain and high temperature. Avoid direct sunlight, strong vibration or impact on the charger.

3. The charger supports AC input voltage of AC100-240V. If the generator is used for outdoor power supply, please ensure that the generator can provide stable voltage and sufficient power. Large voltage change will cause damage to the charger.

4. Please place the charger on the heat-resistant, nonflammable and insulated surfaces. Do not put it on the car seat, carpet or other similar places. Please make sure that flammable and explosive objects are far away from the charging area.

5. Please do not charge with the following types of batteries Different models of battery pack (Incl. different manufacturers); Non-rechargeable battery; Battery with special requirements for charging technology; Damaged or defective battery; Battery with built-in combined or protective circuit; Battery installed in other devices or connected to other components; Rechargeable battery not confirmed by the manufacturer whether it is suitable for the current of this charger. * Only the battery specified by the charger manufacturer can be used for charging.

6. The charger is suitable for those aged 14 and above. Those with behavioral and mental disorders or those without experience must be supervised or guided.

7. If the power cord is damaged, please return it to the manufacturer, supplier or technician for replacement; if you replace it by yourself, please use the one with enough power and make sure it is tightly plugged into the socket in order to avoid accident.

8. Please strictly follow the instructions to use the product.