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[Ready Stock] OkCell 12S 14S 22000/20000mAH Pro Smart Batteri Drone Meracun Dron Padi Drone Custom Bateri [Aonic Poladrone]
Price RM2,300.00 - RM2,350.00
Product SKU OKC-PWR1.00002/3
Brand OkCell
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 10 cm x 50 cm
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Model: 12S/14S
Voltage: 44.4V/51.8V
Capacity: 22000mAh /20000mAh
Charging Voltage: 50.4V (4.2V/Cell)
Charging Current: Max. 20A
Plug: AS150U
Working Temperature(Discharge):-10℃-+60℃
Working Temperature(Charge):-10℃-+45℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃-+35℃
Weight: 6.1kg
Dimension: 173x110x243mm

Main Features:

-Intelligent Power Indicator
This product is designed with four high-brightness LED indicators. When discharging or recharging, it can automatically identify the status of the battery.

-Battery Life Reminder
When you use the battery for 300 times, all the LED indicators of the power indication will turn red, indicating that the battery life has been reached.

-Charging Intelligent Alarm
During the charging process, the battery detects the status in real time, and alerts the charging overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature.

-Low Voltage Intelligent Alarm
When it detected voltage is low (monomer 3.7V) during the battery discharging state, the buzzer will alarm. Stop discharging, the alarm will release.

-Intelligent Storage Function
When the battery is not in use for a long period of time, it will automatically start the smart storage function, discharge it to the storage voltage, and ensure the battery storage safety.

-Automatic Sleep Function
If the battery is not in use in 3 minutes after you switch on, it will automatically shut down to save battery power.

-Software Upgrade Function
The software can be upgraded through computer or mobile APP.

-Data Communication Function
This intelligent battery designed with two kinds of communication method: USB serial port communication and WiFi communication. Through any of them, you can obtain real-time battery information such as the current voltage, current, battery usage times etc.Flight control can also establish connection with this communication.

-Battery Logging Function
This battery is designed with a unique logging function that can store all the data on the entire life cycle of the battery. The battery log information includes unit voltage, current, battery temperature, number of cycles, number of abnormal states etc. The user can use the mobile phone APP to view this.